Letter of Intent Delivered to Anheuser-Busch CEOs: Brito & Michaelis

Will they do the right thing? We'll know by Sept. 10

Dear Mr. Brito and Mr. Michaelis,

We, the members of the National Libertarian Party and The Green Party of America are calling for a Bud Boycott of all brands of Anheuser-Busch Companies, to include products and sponsored events by Anheuser-Busch, AB InBev, and all subsidiaries. As such we are offering a solution to end this disruption.

We ask that Anheuser-Busch agrees to publicly encourage and work with the Commission on Presidential Debates to invite all candidates who have achieved the ballot access threshold that gives them the mathematical possibility of earning the minimum of 270 electoral votes required to win the presidential election.

Should the CPD refuse to change their requirement regarding this qualification on or before Sept 10 by eliminating the “15% in selected polls,” stipulation, we ask that Anheuser-Busch agree to step down as a sponsor from all future debates until such changes are made.

With more than 75% of the American voting population supporting third party representation in the debates in order to provide more choices and hear more voices, we are prepared to take the following actions:

  1. Four-year boycott of all Anheuser-Busch and AB InBev products

  2. Social media campaigns targeting celebrities, athletes

  3. First six months – Encouraging local bars, restaurants, sports, and entertainment venues to not carry AB InBev products

  4. After six months – Supporting those that refuse to sell Anheuser-Busch products

  5. Boycotting and protesting events sponsored by AB InBev

  6. Regularly schedules protests at AB InBev facilities and offices

  7. Petitions and online social media campaigns to drive awareness

The last debate sponsors to extend an invitation outside of the Republican and Democrat parties was in the 1992 Presidential Election with Ross Perot, who went on to win over 18% of the popular vote even after pausing his campaign run from July through September after being told he would not receive ballot access in all 50 states.

In the 28 years since Ross Perot was in the debates we now have four political parties whose candidates are on the ballot in all or most US States with the mathematical possibly to retain the minimum 270 electoral votes to win the election: Donald Trump (Republican), Joe Biden (Democratic), Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian), and Howie Hawkins (Green). Additionally, the voting populations support for third-party representation has grown exponentially.

Since 2016 Anheuser-Busch has supported a number of events under their “Brew Democracy,” banner, even headlining a press release with the title “Anheuser-Busch Brews Democracy with New Survey Showing Americans Coming Together Over a Beer.” However, silencing the voices of more than three-quarters of Americans who wish to see more options than the two main parties, while claiming to promote democracy, is misleading and disenfranchising to those who want and deserve more.

We sincerely hope that Anheuser-Busch is truly a product for ALL Americans, and we look forward to working with you to empower ALL of the voters of our nation.


Members of The Libertarian Party, The Green Party, and Independents, nationwide.